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BT version

BT version
BT version
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Edition: V1.0

To update:2019-11-14

Size: 199.31MB


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BT version is a story of a journey to the west as the background theme of the large round system Q RPG mobile game, after the journey to the west, three waves again!Demon zun this world, seven SINS to unify six!Try to turn the tide, wait for the young man to come!Like a journey to the west turn mobile game partner to download and try it!


The game introduction

BT version of the game no VIP restrictions, very fair and just, the first charge has super dazzling mount wings, pets sent to you, let you easily against the enemy.The world needs you to save, young xia, pick up your weapons and start a brand new journey of competition!


Mechanics characteristic

1, the classic round, a new artifact version;


2. New 3D, renewed love;


3. Automatic completion of daily activities;


4, legend god favor, log on to send;


5, no level artifact, free access!


Into the clothing benefits

1, artifact version shock attack!On-line free send permanent full attributes without class weapons!


2, log in the second day to send 4 skills full qualification special pet: strong bird.The fourth day to send super partner: tota king li jing.Free seven days to choose a special beast!


3. The top-up ratio is 1:500, and the two types of top-up rebate are automatically calculated and distributed.


4. Launch a variety of one-click completion function CARDS, bid farewell to tedious ghost hunters, and get full rewards offline, which can reduce burden and save energy.


5, fair game, cancel VIP restrictions, open all functional restrictions, everyone is full V super V.


6. Increase the reward of the first charge, send super fancy mount, special strong attack partner nezha, cute wings, dual-skill pet equipment and one-key alchemy!


7. Grade gift package, daily check-in, leaderboard...All kinds of activity output reward increases greatly, come to play give free.


Daily rebate

■ exclusive rebate activity ■ please submit the rebate application as soon as possible within 48 hours after recharge oh!If the accumulative amount of the game history is more than 1000 yuan, the player will be given an extra 1000 yuan of 100% rebate, which is only limited to one time. The player must contact the customer service to submit an application for additional rebate, or it will not be issued


Single day accumulative recharge 50-99 yuan, return 30%


The daily accumulative deposit is 100-499 yuan, 50% of which will be returned


The daily accumulative deposit is 500-999 yuan and 70% is returned


The daily accumulative amount is 1000-2999 yuan and 100% is returned


The daily accumulative amount of RMB 3,000-4,999 will be returned 150%


The daily accumulative amount is 5000-9999 yuan and 200% is returned


The daily accumulative amount is 10000-999999 yuan and 300% is returned

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