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Gone with ZhanJi

Gone with ZhanJi
Gone with ZhanJi
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Edition: V1.0

To update:2019-11-14

Size: 173.88MB


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War of the troubled times is a strategy card game themed by Q version of The Three Kingdoms.In the war period of the troubled times, there is a war competition element, recruit great hero bar more massive copy of you to challenge, develop your own three kingdoms army, all the way crusade to complete the emperor overlord!


The game is introduced

War of the troubled times is a hard Q version of The Three Kingdoms theme SLG+ mixed card mobile game.Exquisite original national style art style, delicate character image, body performance vivid, weapons and armor are carved, the character action is strong and not rigid.War of the ages combines classic SLG game mode with card collection, allowing you to collect warriors and manage your own territory while taking territory.Influence, family, social play is rich and diverse.Join one of the forces of wei, shu and wu, participate in the national war and win rich rewards, or form a family with friends and relatives, and work hard to build a family, in order to become the strongest family and work hard.


The game features

True restoration of the history of The Three Kingdoms, thousands of troops and horses for the central plains


< / p > < p > the general recruited heheweiming, one man when the door opened


A thousand li fine colt shen bing treasure armour, priceless treasure within reach


Game play

1. The art expression of this game can be regarded as a selling point, pure original art, art performance is very stylish, is also more competitive in the market


2. With the unique organ beast system (full screen big move, pet), the opening full screen big move has shocking effect. The organ beast in the strategy card can be cultivated, displayed and fought


3. In addition, we will add some details to the scene, such as smoke fluttering and flames of war flying.Small effects will be added according to the atmosphere presented by different scenes


4. Players can adjust the positions of military officers according to the formation. The formation can accommodate up to 5 military officers.In battle, each general will lead the troops to battle, emphasizing the atmosphere of the battle between the two sides, so there is a certain selectivity, that is, strategy


5. Each warrior has an initial unit to lead. The unit determines the position of the warrior in the formation


6. The player fights with other players by moving to other strongholds, and finally captures the enemy's main city to win