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Xiaying double sword nine version

Xiaying double sword nine version
Xiaying double sword nine version
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Edition: V1.0.0

To update:2019-11-11

Size: 11.06MB


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"Xianyingshuangjian nine tour version" is an original immortal doumobile game, not spending time not forced combat, confidant, royal sword, fighting spirit, asked twelve kinds of classic gameplay, management cave, call spirit beast, get acquainted with friends, and confidant, guard the path of resistance and evil spirit repair the invasion of warcraft, romantic repair!


The game introduction

The game set the classic xianxia competition, xiuzhen develop gameplay and one, here the player will feel the most wonderful competition, all kinds of god beast call, confidant, xianmeng contention and other classic gameplay all line, easy to open your blood xiuzhen life!


Mechanics characteristic

1, emperor emperor fairy dou, develop mobile game;


2, like water beauty, all the tender feelings are optional;


3, children and heirs system, open send the way of heaven return to one;


4. Develop a pet, and critically hit and output the journey to battle;


5, sealing god for hegemony, real battle cross service rank!


Game spirit beast

Rules: the game attributes for attack, intelligence, luck, linggen, the four attributes of the overall sum is the player's combat power, these attributes mainly through the enhancement of spirit beast to increase.Intelligence affects the amount of SPAR you dig, luck affects the amount of fairy grass you collect, psychic roots affect the amount of psychic power you drain, and attacks affect the amount of gems you pass through levels, PK, and copies!


Attribute description: the most important of the four attributes is the attack, because the higher your combat power against the level, the less the spirit power required, so the early new people don't need to hurry to play the level, the attack first strengthened to play not late.


Spirit beast strategy: the current spirit beast in the game does not need you to attract, whenever you complete a certain number of main line tasks and cross the realm, the system will automatically send you spirit beast, the only high attribute spirit beast is to join the nine official group sent to the white ze, the first charge from the zhu, VIP3 sent to the snow.


Here I want amway under only six yuan can get zhu li, the spirit of the beast not only appearance level high, attack value is also very high, is everyone upgrade hit strange good helper.After acquiring the spirit beast, you need to use the SPAR to upgrade them, so in this game the SPAR and the spirit power is also never too much.Spirit beast attributes will be added to the player, so they are your doppelgonic body is not too much.


The R strategy

First of all, card intelligence is the most important!


Intelligence in 10 thousand below, can collect 1 minute fairy endowment, did not increase 10 thousand will increase 1 minute, top 30 minutes.Card intelligence is to put your intelligence card under 10,000 while improving your luck and lingen, assuming your intelligence is 9999, luck and lingen is 100,000, so you can 1 minute collect 100,000 power, in the first 7 days to push the level is quite useful!


Second, do not upgrade the offspring and beauty skills while the card is in intelligence.Random attribute Dan also needs to cooperate to eat!Every day to do is to collect fairy money, play checkpoints.Level every day to their own dozen can not go!


Third, the rational use of shopping mall limit purchase gift bag.You will get different amount of silver ingot after completing the task every day, and you can purchase the gift package related to promotion in the mall, such as some crystal bags, lingli fu and other props for punching the level.As a non-r player, it is difficult to improve both luck and lingen, so it is necessary to buy some gift packages.


In this way, the basic fighting force can be pushed up to 1 million in 7 days.

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