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Calamitous truth

Calamitous truth
Calamitous truth
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Edition: V1.0

To update:2019-11-14

Size: 0MB


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"The truth of disaster" is a very interesting new second yuan Japanese 3D action RPG mobile game, the game has a fantastic background setting, freehand scenery, for the players to build a magnificent hero story, unique social play let you linger on the world.


The game introduction

In "the truth of disaster" this game, players need to act as a member of the mobile corps, and partners together to fight, the empire is now invaded, the game USES real-time voice intercom function, friends more convenient team;There is also a cool BOSS eye-catching shape, players can choose a variety of professional characters to fight.




Game background

The world is full of light/despair.


One day, all of a sudden, through the world's ten "light", announced the end of the world.


The only thing standing out against the light was the mobile corps.


In order to protect the "light" threat to survive the human, join the "mobile corps" you, opened the prelude of the battle...




The game features

From the point of view of armor design, this role design is more inclined to European and American style.


In terms of music score, this score can be said to be very conscientious, this should be yokiyama's first attempt to play the game of music score, and this score and the same as the score iron Alphonse style technique is very similar, I have to say that ke shu's understanding of European folk music is really very strong.


Voice actor lineup: persimmon original complete also, chuan cheng lingzi, hill power also, ze cheng beauty snow.Voice actor can be said to be a strong lineup, after all, there is the United States snow sister.


In terms of conceptual design, yoko tsukamoto, who once worked on the concept design of blade x of the different degree and resident evil: blood feud, worked together!




Production team

[play] health field beauty and




【 theme song 】 hengshanke


Representative work: "the orphan of steel bullet and iron"


[conceptual design] ueno extension


Representative works: captain hallock, pirates of the universe, resident evil: blood feud


[conceptual design] yoko tsukamoto


Representative works: XenobladeX, LORD of VERMILION


【 Third Echoes


Representative works: one blood swastika -ONLINE- Caligula




Players comments

Player a:


The career setting of war law herd, always feel when oneself can be kicked to cool...I don't know how long it would take...Open service tonight, so first 4 stars to see.


Player 2:


The game looks good, but there are a few problems, first: look at the number of appointments, looking forward to the game of many people, tomorrow (23rd) night can be successfully opened service, or encounter open service maintenance of this "routine" operation (by the demon world war ii dominated by the terror);Second: this is a 3D mobile game, there are three pre-download quality, so my mobile phone configuration can comfortably play the minimum configuration of the game;Third: the game has a total fight content, when online can be smooth?

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