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Dream path full V version

Dream path full V version
Dream path full V version
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Edition: V1.0.0

To update:2019-11-11

Size: 2.03MB


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"Dream full V version" is a very fun romantic xiuxian turn-based RPG mobile game, exquisite picture performance, innovative gameplay, rich fairy flavor cool mount and wing system.And the beautiful clothing system allows you to transform into a variety of shapes.


The game introduction

"Dream full V version" has a powerful xianlv, shenbing, magic weapon, pets all kinds of fun and powerful functional system!The powerful social group system about small partners together group black ~ swim together dream way!Leisure and entertainment as one of the multi-end turn-based big production game, come and fight with me dream road world!




Mechanics characteristic

1. [hundred kinds of mounts] innovative mount system, you can ride;


2, [xiuxian simulation] in addition to demons, open zongli school;


3, [hundred change suit] thousand kinds of collocation, my style my show;


4, [personality partner] heaven god of war, demon world supreme, ren jun sent;


5, [open the world] ancient ruins, rare treasures!




Upgrade strategy

1. Daily tasks (in which the monster is updated once after 30 minutes of training, and there is a high probability of Dan being promoted randomly) can be considered as the support of this game (about 80%), and daily tasks are required to be done every day.One of the team experience in a specific time there are double experience gold COINS reward, 100 demon cut can be hung up on the computer end, of course, you can choose a key to complete ~ team copy system intimate designer full automatic open, 60 seconds automatic open, if busy do not open can choose to check and hang up;Bewitching is simple and rewards and team copy, bewitching beast experience the same, just hang up.Note: the higher the battle power, the faster the battle power.


2, sanjie dojo (main city - copy) to the experience is very rich, the natural difficulty is relatively high, not to suggest more than a few times, this game actually pretty see critical hit (face).


3, the winning streak level experience is relatively less, but compared to hang up or relatively high, beat the boss can unlock to better look at the map!


4, hang up is almost the most common and slow upgrade, but the sustainability is very high, so the importance of the monthly card can be reflected ~ the monthly card can improve 10% of the experience, the cumulative round is a few hundred million ah, play this game not to buy a card how to play?




Into the clothing benefits

1. Recharge 4 times for the first time!


2, online VIP package received soft hand!


3. The proportion of the first charge is 1:1000!


4, login is sent: VIP9, tie yuan *20000, silver *500W!


5, login package, the first rush luxury upgrade reward, massive resources, gold ingot waiting for you!


6, the task, the activity reward increases substantially, the massive ingot allows you to take!


Daily rebate

■ exclusive rebate activity ■ please submit the rebate application as soon as possible within 48 hours after recharge oh!


The daily accumulative deposit is 100-499 yuan, 50% of which will be returned


One day accumulative top up 500-999 yuan, return 100%


The daily accumulative deposit is 1000-2999 yuan, and 120% is returned


The daily accumulative amount of RMB 3,000-4,999 will be returned 150%


A total of RMB 5,000-9999 is charged on a single day, and 180% is returned


More than 10000 yuan in a single day, 200% will be returned

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