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type:Flying shot

Edition: V3.0.6

To update:2019-11-11

Size: 7.12MB


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"Robocop" is a high-quality science fiction style 3D action shooting mobile game, the game's picture feeling is very strong, the effect is very realistic, this is the contest between justice and evil, the player will be incarnated as the messenger of justice to bravely kill the enemy, with your wisdom and operation to defeat the enemy!


The game introduction

"Robocop" is a 3D shooting shoot-out type of game, the game tells the protagonist in the hunt for prisoners in the mission was killed, and then was transformed into a science robocop, while retaining his memory, he wants to revenge, but also to continue to shovelling evil, to eliminate those evil forces.Experience the pleasure of being the protagonist of the movie - the justice robocop in the fierce gunfight to eliminate the evil!


Game background

2028, Detroit, a good husband, good father, good police officers --- alex, murphy because of the execution of official duties seriously injured, life is at risk, but under the coincidence of chance, become a large multinational group OmniCorp experiment, was transformed into a half-human half-mechanical police!Participate in the research and development program of OmniCorp, become the strongest and ultimate enforcer -- robocop!Fight human crime organizations and mechanical enemies, learn how to protect innocent citizens, and clean up Detroit's depraved streets.Don't wait, the training starts now!


The game features

1. Open scan mode to discover the weakness of the enemy. Hit the weakness of the enemy and you can make a critical strike to destroy the enemy faster.


2. Attacking a traitor's weak spot allows him to surrender and gain bonus points.


3, sniper can go through walls, so when you encounter the sniper do not want to stay behind the same shelter, you will die before you know it.


4. If the task is too difficult, shop for drones and first aid equipment to enhance your combat and endurance capabilities.


5. Armor upgrades not only increase health, but also improve performance when rage mode is on.


6. If you choose a car as your shelter, be careful, because cars can explode.


The game window

1, the new half man half machine theme, facing different enemies.


2, a variety of weapons, more than a variety of fighting weapons.


3, rich map scene, experience different fighting style.

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