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Reinstall the infinite
Reinstall the infinite
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type:Flying shot

Edition: V5.0

To update:2019-11-14

Size: 47.7MB


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Reassembly unlimited is an excellent STG shooter by a passing knight emperor.It inherits the classic story of red Wolf and Nina, elaborately designed a large number of main line tasks, plus a broad map, STG shooting, god overlooking Angle and everywhere gold COINS and props, causing players full of memories at the same time, but also bring a full sense of freshness.


The game introduction

Maybe at some point he was defeated


But maybe everything can be changed here, the most legendary bounty hunter!


The unfinished story


How it begins and how it ends...


Mechanics characteristic

1. STG shooting requires a bit of positioning operation in battle.


2, broad map, did not see big gan Q.


3, exploration freedom, no task, temporarily only the main line.


4. Fight various types of bounty.


5, buried a lot of gold COINS and props, share its location, completely no krypton gold, direct old driver.


6. Dual system of man and vehicle.


7. Password equipment.


8. The game is automatically archived every second.


9, the game update is slow, lifetime series, this is a long-term update and improve the game, and with a variety of bugs, as a small game to play, don't be too serious.


New strategy

Played the second village ants go, can't transfer, on the way to the task map out reconnaissance vehicles, then back to the doorway looking for mechanic, pick up the task to play heavy tanks, in many oral material mechanic ran, walk to the village after the second police task, play back turtle hole area, then go to the second village kill the crocodile, walk to the third after village, pick up the task to kill a few self-propelled guns can play ju pao, ju pao went to the fourth village has finished, discovered originally prosperous city became ruins, walk right beat Nina, and then the end of the first chapter!


The player experience

Player a:


The beginning of the name of the time also directly wrote a Wolf word in with a red chariot after the feeling...


But this attack mode...A little pit when I move to the upper left, first appeared a tank and giant ants, under normal circumstances, I must be the first second tank, but the giant ants from the closer my muzzle automatically aimed at the giant ants, and then I have been walking position (although useless) the giant ants died, and out of a!!The cannon pointed at the giant ants, I was on the opposite tank bombed.There may be a problem with the operation, as well as the auxiliary gun. It is recommended to have a manual operation to avoid waste. The muzzle rotation is faster!Recommend a main gun indicator, or hold down the main gun key, come up with an indicator to point to which hit which this can be completely secondary gun automatic main gunner action to increase the playability!!


Player 2:


Currently moving slowly near rado...I will fight hand to hand


I have been playing for 4 days and I am still painting materials...I want a bounty mission!!


Maps are not friendly, but once you accept the idea of not seeing (dead) ground (see) map (light) to (not) place (serve), you don't need a map so much, after all, my ball guard is like Henry!!!


It takes a long time for the bounty beast to come back to life


According to the current plot speculation: the map is extremely large, there may be involved in the MM3 plot, think about the uneven la and Nina together will not atmosphere explosion ~

TAG: 远征 刺杀
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