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Big fire

Big fire
Big fire
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type:Flying shot

Edition: V1.2

To update:2019-11-14

Size: 238.1MB


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"Firepower" is a multiplayer online action adventure type chicken versus mobile game, here you will become a super hero, pick up 100 change weapons, indulge in fire, and from the world's sharpshooters a battle - this is "firepower"!


The game introduction

"Firepower battle" is the heart network from the study of casual shooting mobile game, 45 degrees overlooking Angle, double rocker manual operation, real-time battle with the global service, to provide players with the purest, most happy shooting experience.Use the game battlefield can get all kinds of guns, props, through the control of movement and shooting competitive skills, direct firepower competition!


The game features

1, fire at any time, relaxed joy -- 10 minutes of wonderful confrontation


Fun and relaxation is the most important game experience we want to give you.Let everyone can at any time anywhere to open a 10-minute war situation, quickly into combat, in the wandering chase aimed at shooting, throwing props, find the right time to release weapons skills......Hands flying, experience extreme gunfight feeling.


2. Super hero, varied weapons, massive props -- a fair game without cultivation


Eleven heroes with their own characteristics are available to choose from. Weapons and props in the battle are all acquired randomly. Bid farewell to the complex cultivation system.Every opening is full of changes and challenges.


3, a variety of play, the world with service -- play more fun experience


Individual competition, team ranking, entertainment competition and other types of play optional choice, each play can taste the different shooting fun: individual competition 20 people die fight mode, show gun skills show body law wave sky;Team rank of kaihei team, 6 teams of 3 players in the same competition, team play match actual combat coordination ability!No matter advocate individual heroism or love group open black can find their own true love!Fast with the global players to fight battle battle of battle of wits gun feast!



Justin Lincoln


Default weapon description - typhoon


Firing type: heavy machine gun


Gun introduction: the most outstanding rafale type heavy machine gun on the world is transformed and become, Lincoln used old gun craft to strengthen the firepower of heavy machine gun substantially, machine gun after setting up, sweep across whole battlefield as typhoon general.


Gun skill: set up a heavy machine gun and fire a 90 degree fan in front of you, causing a lot of damage.




Default weapon description - death knell


Type of shot: pistol


Gun introduction: an old-fashioned large-caliber revolver, the years in the gun body left mottled traces, but did not affect the owner of the gun barrel brush shined.The asymmetrical magazine, much larger than a conventional revolver, is an indication of the unusual nature of the gun.


Weapon parameters: single shot and bullet are much more powerful than conventional pistols, and the loading speed is slow, 7 bullets.


Weapon skill: 15S mandatory duel against the nearest target in a small area.




Default weapon introduction - jab


Firing type: bazooka


Gun introduction: two hands with rocket launcher, gun barrel rough, hit the target or obstacles will occur after penetration explosion.


Weapon skill: goes on a rampage, instantly fires 5 shots.


Hong Kong


Default weapon introduction - eye of vengeance


Type of shot: shotgun


Gun introduction: shooting speed is not fast shotgun, magazine capacity is not high, but the power is very big.The gun was eagle-eyed and evil;The tail of the gun is decorated with a boar's tusk.


Gun skill: the owner's hatred erupts, the speed is greatly increased, the bullets are more dense.




Default weapon introduction - secrets of Zeus


Type of shot: thunderbolt


Gun introduction: light single gun.The barrel of the gun has a lightning energy meter, which shoots weird lightning balls.The more distant the bolt, the greater the damage.When the thunderbolt expands to a certain extent, it will explode, causing aoe damage.


Gun skills: vanish in place, teleport to a random distance, and become invisible for 3 seconds.


Combat skills

Attack operation


1. Left rocker: control the direction of travel


2. Right rocker: control aiming and shooting;Slide joystick to fire or cancel fire, melee weapons do not need to aim, only slide joystick attack


3 skill release: press the skill button on the right side of the screen to release


Props to use


1. Collection takes effect directly (such as first aid package and points)


2. Click the icon to take effect immediately (e.g. recovery potion, frost necklace)


3. Click the icon to throw it into effect (such as incendiary bomb, electromagnetic tower, etc.)

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