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Save quadratic

Save quadratic
Save quadratic
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type:Flying shot

Edition: V1.3.3

To update:2019-11-14

Size: 21.88MB


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Save two yuan is a mobile phone game of the type of clearance.Save two yuan to two yuan for the cartoon cartoon theme, bring you the wonderful game to enjoy.Super cute super dazzle day man big move, here can completely meet your desire to shoot.Like the players to feel it!Save two yuan introduction: save two yuan is a horizontal version of the shooting type of mobile phone game.The game is based on the story background of two - dimensional cartoon.The game is provided by Shanghai reemobile network technology co., LTD., the game will take you into a new second world according to the comics and story line!The game style is humorous, the art style is unique, the character modelling is beautiful and lovely, easy to use but full of exciting challenges, fun is endless.The game combines classic fishing series games and RPG game elements, players in the game layer by layer, enjoy the story, complete the task, eliminate all kinds of zombie girls and devil BOSS.Can also use a variety of props, in the critical moment to help you overcome difficulties, success.Save the second element features: to meet your shooting desire;Super dazzle super cute day man big move;Beautiful girl BOSS waiting for you to fight;ACG pure day ramble no moral integrity mobile game!