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Rocket elite 3d free version

Rocket elite 3d free version
Rocket elite 3d free version
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type:Flying shot

Edition: V1.0.8

To update:2019-11-11

Size: 18.82MB


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Firewire elite 3d is a free version of the annual blockbuster shooter game firewire elite, and rocket elite 3d has been made free.This game has full 3D effect perfect visual feast!Long negative reputation of the hottest family first person visual shooting game masterpiece gorgeous return, playing fire line elite, let immersive you will have a flying general feeling!!Rocket elite 3d game features - perfect interface: first person perspective shooting, touch screen finger simple operation, 3d realistic visual effects, shocking sound effects, real shooting feeling!- three combat modes: zombie mode, competitive mode, hybrid mode and other different modes can let you experience a variety of super cool new shooting feeling!- multiple weapon systems: sniper rifle, submachine gun, shotgun, light machine gun, pistol, unlimited weapon upgrades, unlimited power!- various map scenes: ice world, union building, sunset desert, wilderness warehouse, seaside dock and other scenes can enjoy the unique shooting pleasure and exotic feelings in different terrain.- rich props system: provide different types of grenades, medical kits, protective gloves, protective armor, attack guide eggs, discount gift bags and weapons needed to upgrade the precious soul stone, rare blood diamonds, all kinds of minerals and a variety of items props, and the box wheel prize waiting for you!- intelligent system: can adjust the number of enemies, enemy AI, game sensitivity, and statistics the number of enemies killed after each battle, number of explosions, score and other battle information, display at a glance, so that you can experience the exciting battle process in simple operation.

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