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Tanks firing

Tanks firing
Tanks firing
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type:Flying shot

Edition: V1.3.8.9

To update:2019-11-11

Size: 153.9MB


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Tank shooting is a tank versus class of mobile games.Tank shooting has a grand realistic 3D battlefield can give you immersive realistic combat experience, bring you shocking experience.There are in the square for, free war, legion war and other games.Come and feel it!Tank shooting introduction: tank shooting is a British publisher Codemasters launched a one - on - one single tank battle game.Core tank-versus fans may scoff at the simplicity of the game, but it's also the game's greatest attraction.Strange, yes, it doesn't require the player's hand to move the tank, but the player can control the tank's turret, and each one-on-one battle is divided into two stages, aiming and firing.It made the whole process feel like a heavy wild west shootout.Tank shooting features: "tank shooting" can let you get rid of the boring life, back to the smoke filled world war ii battlefield, driving all kinds of tanks rushed to the front line of the battlefield!Cities were fought for, strongholds were taken, and the advance of the enemy had to be repelled by heavy artillery fire."Tank shooting" can not only achieve the same screen 5V5 and other real-time online battle, in the square for, free war, legion war and other gameplay can also be cross-service battle.In the real battlefield, there is no strongest enemy, only more powerful battle!In tank shooting, there are a variety of king of land battles at home and abroad for you to choose from, whether it is the legendary tiger tank, or modern high-tech tan-99, M1A1, you can find here.

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