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Field pioneer

Field pioneer
Field pioneer
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type:Flying shot

Edition: V1.0.248

To update:2019-11-14

Size: 472.9MB


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Battlefield pioneer is a novel first person shooter mobile game.The game features multiplayer online competitive play!Six professions, each with unique skills!12 kinds of different weapons can be matched at will, and there are more PVEPVP modes such as regiment battle, cart battle, occupy, cooperation and so on.Interested players to download the battlefield pioneer experience to try it ~




Battlefield pioneer game introduction:


Battlefield pioneer is a multi-class first person shooter (FPS) game, each class has unique weapons and powerful skills, allowing players to experience the most exciting gameplay in a level playing field.




Battlefield pioneer game features:


A wealth of classes and modes are the main features of battlefield pioneer, including the following interesting content:


One, 6 classes, 6 skills, 12 completely different weapons, hundreds of lineup combination, let you every battle have a surprise


Ii. Regiment battle mode, cart mode, point occupying mode, cooperative mode, plot mode and other rich modes are waiting for you to fight


Three, countless cool weapons, unique image, interesting accessories let you and other players out of the ordinary


Four, customize your jewelry, can be placed in any position on the role of jewelry, play your imagination, become a fashion guide


Five, powerful social function, invite your friends to open black bar

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