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Dare to reach the face of the fruit plate version

Dare to reach the face of the fruit plate version
Dare to reach the face of the fruit plate version
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type:Action adventure

Edition: V2.2.0

To update:2019-11-08

Size: 1360.76MB


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Super high energy dare to reach mobile game "dare to reach the confrontation of the front fruit plate version" to attack!Mobile soldier dare to reach the original authorization!Dozens of popular body, dozens of celebrity qi division, classic plot height restore, once again arouse your heart dare to reach blood!Wait for what, about on the plane friends (gay friends) open black, system bully arena ladder bar!


The game introduction

The game "dare to fight against the fruit plate" USES 4K video rendering technology, multiple anti-aliasing, real-time reflection, full 3D camera and other next-generation special effects to create the ultimate picture quality.Perfect reproduction of the official set of body modeling.Diversified combat effects, subvert your previous action mobile game experience!


The game features

- real 3D real-time combat, host level action experience


Different from the traditional 3D real-time combat mode, here you are not only on the ground to move and jump combat, while the realization of ground-to-ground, ground-to-air, air-to-air three-dimensional space omni-directional combat, is the "dang da zhengfeng duel" real 3D real-time combat system;


The game is dominated by hard action style, using 3D physical collision, force feedback, gravity compensation, dynamic camera and other next generation technology, perfect simulation driving dare to reach the operational control experience.To achieve the host level feel of movement, sideslip, jet, flight, shooting, fighting, block, control, floating air link and other diverse combat effects, subvert your previous action mobile game experience!


- cross service 2V2 battle, aircraft friends open black system bully ladder


The key player in the game arena USES the 2V2 cross-serve PVP ladder ranking mechanism, where the strongest player will be selected to win rich prizes and great glory.


Model play

1, the championship competition!Challenge mode


There are two ways of attacking and defending in the arena.The attacking players attack the defensive phalanx controlled by AI. Each player can attack 5 times a day. If the attack is successful, the positions of the two sides can be exchanged.The challenge has its own leaderboard, which allows the top 1,000 players to enter.In terms of defense mode, according to the rank of players in the arena each day, 12 machines controlled by AI are selected as the defenders for the attacking players to challenge.


2, the way to temper the strong!To explore the pattern


In exploration mode, you can engage enemies from different works continuously.Each pass a certain number of checkpoints can open the supply box, get the exclusive currency reward.A buff can be selected to help the player recover health or enhance the attack to cope with the next level until the completion.


3. Join forces!Team up to challenge mode


The new version of the game will feature more powerful boss-level machines that can be used to fight teams of players.Support up to 3 players in the same server to form a team, can challenge such as bigg Sam, spirit dare to such overwhelming power of the large Boss, once the victory, can get a high return reward.


New strategy



Everyone may believe in single draw miracles in the beginning, but you still use your brain, everyone single draw miracles then the game is over.All games for civilian players have a truth stay away from lottery, cherish book money!However, I will tell you a secret, this game 10 consecutive pull out two body, temporarily this is the only way to get new body.




Before early airframe 4 stars gold coin enough firm, use casually.In the late...


The body


What hesitation do you still have, the system send of your air strong is can take you dozen all over the world invincible partner!Upgrade him!Throw everything at him!If you have an extra $6 for the bun, you can keep it, because there is still the first punch. His light gun is not stiff, and his six shots are like machine guns.




Did not have machine division to send must kill, be like urine hold tight put not to go out same and body division is exclusive airframe, want to match!Do you understand!But everybody need not hurry, the leading role two still want to send you!




Skills basic teaching, this game is not much, the gun is three slide step, but there is a point, leaving a bullet to the opposite no fuel stiff, or through the slide on the gun when leaning into the other side, stiff when you fill the knife time!


The elder brothers fill knife way many, but you remember the simplest good, because this game has diminishing system, you show over, the damage is most come to lower.But!Can you stand it?!Can't!So fill knife treasure book still want to know, after two knives around the direction can cut three knives, after two knives can also direction bar left or right pull once, again to a wave of damage, sd dare to reach the old players naturally understand.


After two knives, you can also receive a wave of weapons, and then a wave of knives.As a rookie mixed points, I want to say there is blood on the knife, kill and you hold the enemy don't hesitate to help teammates, it is necessary to the last two heads of 1v2, because this game you and your teammates are sharing 6 heads, forced fire to beat the weak, end the game you know!

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