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Chicken you are too beautiful

Chicken you are too beautiful
Chicken you are too beautiful
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type:Action adventure

Edition: V1.0.0

To update:2019-11-14

Size: 122.5MB


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"Chicken you too beautiful" is a very interesting magic based on physics and beyond the physical wonderful action mobile game, super lovely chicken for your choice, you can carry out the destruction of the chicken, based on the physical development of a leisure mobile game, enjoy the destruction of the scream enjoy!


The game introduction

It's a chicken fight.Dear friends, here you can experience:


Different chicken, and scream!


Completely destructible scenes.Bang!Bang!Bang!


Based on the physical and beyond the physical wonderful action.


Finally, yes, there is the moment of eating the chicken dripping wet!


You are the brightest chicken on the street!




Mechanics characteristic

1, beautiful and cool game scenes, a group of super cute chicks actually play on the court, with eggs or basketball?


2, hd 3D map, players can fight at will on the battlefield, the battlefield was randomly destroyed, as if to vent;


3, a variety of strange shapes, colorful movements, very colorful, and flexible use of a variety of skills, are web celebrity posture.




The game window

1, interesting bar shape clothing, a variety of styles for you to choose.


2. Various text prompts and voice taunts will appear randomly in the game.


3. It shows a variety of basketball skills, with many amazing moves.


4, easy to operate, with the finger can feel infinite happiness.