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Clay island

Clay island
Clay island
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type:Action adventure

Edition: V1.01

To update:2019-11-14

Size: 59.73MB


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Clay no man island is a good game for young and old, which can not only prevent dementia but also keep children quiet for a long time.Game content is very rich, continue to explore, pick up things back synthesis, open up new roads, and then continue to explore.From food to tools, the composite list is a mini version of desert island survival.


The game introduction

When you wake up, you have come to an uninhabited island.


The island is rich in resources, though it has lost everything.


You can get by on things that fall from the island, including sticks, fruit, shells, wild vegetables and mushrooms.


You need to pay attention to satiety, go out and explore every day, collect resources from the island, make dishes and other tools.


Traps can be made to catch animals such as rabbits for meat.


Make fishing rod to fish in the sea, get delicious fish.


You will also encounter islanders who are in trouble during the adventure, and help them get the key items to escape.


Can you escape the island safely?




Mechanics characteristic

Constantly explore, pick up props for synthesis


Break new ground and continue to explore.


From food to tools, the composite list is a mini version of desert island survival.


Super conscience game, krypton gold impossible, completely no recharge entrance, closed the net to play.


The difficulty of the game is also very common, persuade to dismiss completely nonexistent good!




The game strategy

Empty bottles can be collected on the coast.


Collect three logs, go straight to the right side of the grassland, there is a broken bridge, with logs paved bridge across the river, into the jungle.In the jungle you can collect fire herbs, saw flowers, bones, water.


Gather five fire herbs, walk up the forest, blast the boulder, and enter the lake.Oil flower, bamboo, insect web, earthworm, mint, water can be collected in the lake.


Empty bottle + water + mint = mint water, back to the jungle, there is a cave, after entering the mint water to drive bats, into the rainforest.


A monkey is trapped under a rock in the upper left corner of the rainforest. Choose to save it.Back in the lake, there is a cliff in the upper right corner, click on the broken vine, the monkey will appear, drop the vine.Click on the vine and go to the hill.


There was a big bird on the hill, and when it had been fed enough food, it would spit out a piece of disk.


Go back to the lake, go to the top left, and there's a cave behind the waterfall, and there's a puddle in the cave, and if you throw in the pieces of the disc, two pieces of the disc will come out, and you'll have a complete disc.


Make a bamboo fishing rod, three insect net synthesis string, string + bamboo + bones = bamboo fishing rod.Go back to the falls, throw the bamboo rod in, and you get a magic fishing rod that you can use once to catch something in a lake or on the shore, and with luck you can catch a propeller.


Anyway, I can't catch it. I can't catch it. I will collect oil flowers in the lake and hills, collect 10, put them in the backpack together with the disc, and set out towards another end!


Instantaneous move to the rainforest, go to the right, there will be a path, the path in the game both sides have flowers, very eye-catching.After entering, I went to the stone temple and opened the stone door with a disc. There was a mechanism in the door. If I wanted to turn all the red lights green, I could press it blindly.If here card bug on the game re-enter.


Inside was a giant robot, which stuffed 10 oil flowers, pressed the power, and escaped the uninhabited island.




The game update

1. Optimized the UI of the game


2. Fixed some bugs and improved the game experience

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