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Black survivor

Black survivor
Black survivor
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type:Action adventure

Edition: V3.1.03

To update:2019-11-14

Size: 41.61MB


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"Black survivor" is a thrilling and exciting survival action adventure type free online text mobile game, the game players in a world full of passion adventure, survival challenges always oppression you, only continuous strong down, in order to get a better life!


The game introduction

Welcome to the world of the black survivor, in the endless cycle, seeking eternal life.


Volunteers from all over the world have come to lumia, all with dark secrets and stories.


10 subjects competed in the same competition, 22 restricted zones were closed, 7 categories of weapons were specialized, and more than 600 kinds of equipment and props were used.Constant exploration, constant fighting, who can be the last survivor, will provide a wealth of research data for this immortal experiment.


So far 38 experimental subjects have been recruited and a new Chinese character is about to join us...


Do you want to join us in the experiment?I believe that with your guidance of the experiment will be very strong!




Mechanics characteristic

1. Lumiere BS plans to seek eternal life in the endless reincarnation;


2, open in the 22 forbidden zone adventure, become the strongest experiment;


3. Exciting confrontation?Or avoid it?Hold on to live to the end;


4, search for resources materials synthesis whole body armed, for the dream to run around;


5, colorful skin painting big touch, from lumia's high appearance level of the world!




New character recommendation

Bernice: it's not because of the way the game is played, but because it's too strong. The D+ start, the strength of the gun, and the top body make a strong character all the time. Besides, the gun is not friendly to beginners, and there are basically no other shortcomings.A downwind male hunter can be really weak in a match, for it is difficult to win from him, except in the hope of his lack of medicine.Although the halter rate has been reduced from 30% to 15%, the real strength of male hunters is in their size and D+ dexterity.


Heather: I can't believe she's been sick for a month in preseason with no signs of weakening.Although said that the disease female play did show a unique side, but the number is really some imbalance, the rapid prevention of the disease female early basic impossible to die, only skilled ahead or explosive enough characters to pose a threat to her.No matter who, do not want to be in the face of the key wild monster, suddenly rushed out a sick woman, not to run or even hit the blood, gas and uncomfortable.


Silvia: the bike has been really strong since the attack was strengthened, with a 15s active skill, 110% damage, and a high crit rate, which makes the panty tiger, who is also a crit, wonder why he is not a girl.I believe that in the next version, there will be a large number of players who will complain about how to be kicked into incontinence by naked purple wu's motorcycle.


Alex: the real big cheese, all D man.But certainly not throwing, because active action doesn't work, guns don't work, bullets don't work, bows don't work unless they're well supplied, so the agent is essentially a melee character.The agent is really the guy with the best bag utilization, and a higher bag utilization means a better start.Pan gu axe stable add 20hp20 defense, cut the line is high, and secret action imperial city sit to enjoy the benefit of the fisherman, scoring rate is very high.The disadvantages are less endurance and less willingness to put all your eggs in one basket without a spare weapon.But because of all D, buying an agent is like playing with all the weapons, and it's worth it.


Xiuya: heart island flower, swimsuit xiuya fan pour thousands of young men.Four words is broad and not fine, have accelerated development, have province endure, have injury, have blood return, but the value is not high, need to accumulate a lot of advantages in the early stage to win, the current version can use the level.




Equipment manufacturing strategy

Weapons, clothing, food and water, that's right the rest of the head, shoes, accessories are just base pieces, they fit, they don't fit.


Weapon is the key, but the fact is that PVP may only need a blue suit, food and water are very important, you will not die of thirst without water, but it will reduce your strength limit, food will replenish your blood.Drink water to eat a thing to have CD very short, the appearance of 5S left and right sides, late fight is to eat while dozen.


Then is the encounter with the enemy mechanism, multiple players in the same map, search when there is a great chance to encounter enemy players, the initial weapons are not to be pinched, 10 point 10 point play is a waste of time, directly change the map.The same as the web text escape has a number of postures, the default standard postures, the lower right corner can switch attack postures (increase the attack power) and hidden postures (reduce the probability of detection).

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