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Pixel fish 2: evolution

Pixel fish 2: evolution
Pixel fish 2: evolution
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type:Action adventure

Edition: V1.0.0

To update:2019-11-14

Size: 62.37MB


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"Pixel fish 2: evolution" is a classic fun big fish eating fish mode of casual devour-like pixel adventure mobile game, you need to continue to collect a variety of powerful fishing gear, take you to experience a different undersea world.Swim in the vast underwater world together!


The game introduction

Pixel fish 2: evolution, a leisure boutique developed by PlaySide!Download officially open ~~


Want to be the master of the deep?Start from the small greedy fish!


Explore the depths of the ocean and eat your way to the top of the food chain!


You can swim to the darkest depths of the ocean!


But beware!Watch out for the big guys!!




Mechanics characteristic

1, cultivate fish eggs!Who knows what fish will be next?


2, upgrade their own small vault!Muffled sound rich!


3, with their own unique pixel fish attack!


Be the dominant pixel fish in the ocean!


Want to be the king?Start with the smallest fish!




The game window

-more than 40 different fish!


- upgrade your fish tank, super evolution!


-360+ unique way of evolution!


- very difficult!


-swim to the darkest depths of the ocean!


-watch out for the big guys!


- support 13 languages!




Players comments

Player a:


I played this game for a while. Although this game is in the mode of big fish eating small fish, it is not easy to get started, because it is not like other modes, which have a fast rhythm. I often die after playing several games.The game is really very good, that is, some items can only be unlocked if you choose to watch the advertisement. Generally, it is recommended to play, but it is difficult to get started. I hope it can be improved, such as having three lives or landscape screen.


Player 2:


Overall the game is ok, but the sensitivity is too fast, some fish do not look carefully will not be able to see, hit only to find its existence.You can't see it. You can't see it if you don't pay attention to it. After grade four or five, there are fewer fish and you need to look for them.Finally in a bit of fun, the game field of vision is really too small, I was those from the two sides to kill a few times, if you can play landscape.

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