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Azraell printing

Azraell printing
Azraell printing
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type:Action adventure

Edition: V2.700

To update:2019-11-14

Size: 231.68MB


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Azraell seal is a new grave as the background theme of the action adventure type of mobile game, game extracted from radix stemonae books on classic tomb-raiding elements, reduction of the classic adventure scene, Jin Ding hole, candle open coffin, organ puzzles, such as 3 d rendering, more 5 v5 MOBA athletics, cool new style locomotive open new touch gold trip!


The game introduction

National animation CG level suspense adventure MMO masterpiece "soul print", hot attack, the national adventure era is opening!Rumor on the four rivers and lakes mysterious school, divided into touch gold, hair hill, move mountains, unloading ridge;Hair mound and touch gold and called touch gold school captain, good at holes, master feng shui I jing;Moving mountains and unloading mountains is less recorded more mysterious.




Mechanics characteristic

1, fierce battle havoc battlefield, armed themselves, fierce battle snow beast, guard the home;


2, looking for rare treasures, looking for deep underground secrets;


3, ghost high price recycling, high price recycling antique panjiayuan!




Touch gold lieutenant introduction

In the mobile game of "ghost seal", the captain of mu jin was regarded as the god of killing. The strong output and displacement were almost the existence of the son, and he could enjoy the killing pleasure of PVP. Besides, good mu jin was always lacking, and he was very popular when making copies.


Attribute: fire skill CD:15 Max impact units: 8


[shadow barrage] attribute: wind skill CD:20 maximum number of units affected: 5


Positioning: shooter, long range


How hard to get started: four stars


Output capacity: five stars


Survivability: two stars


Gold touch advantages: belong to the output class, with a long distance strong output ability and high lethal advantage.


Touch gold weakness: low blood, low prevention, low survival ability, need very strong operational ability, that is, the lack of auxiliary ability.


Personal experience: with the highest output capacity, with super damage and AOE, is still the first line of output role.


Novice advice: master the output skills, to go to the position, more dependent on equipment, need to pay attention to avoid skill damage.


Requirements for players:


1, to have a certain economic investment, because play really many people, equipment will be more expensive.


2, pay attention to the position and output, potions and equipment also have certain requirements, otherwise it is a little brittle.

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