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Broken 3 abnormal version

Broken 3 abnormal version
Broken 3 abnormal version
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type:Adult game

Edition: V1.9.0

To update:2019-11-07

Size: 1104MB


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Collapse 3 abnormal version is a collapse 3 very powerful revision version, collection and cultivation of meng niang need a long process, and now, you have a collapse 3 abnormal version, no longer worry about the problem of growth, cultivate meng niang has become so simple, what else?Download and experience!Broken 3 abnormal version of the game:


Huberian, switch command to the combat bridge


The auxiliary engine power shot up and started delivering ignition power to the main engine, 5% below the critical level


Notice all ships, enter ignition countdown, 10,9,8...


The download button finally unlocks the protection bolt, crashes and shocks, start!


So, from this day forward, you'll be my captain?


Please remember carefully, I am the huberian battleship AI niang, aijiang ~ guard this battleship, is my mission, is also the captain's mission!


So, let me test your IQ first


Feet off the ground, the virus off, smart intelligence and occupy the high ground...Please answer!


Answer, cheat, you then cheat, congratulations you unlock IQ level, rice cheat eat jujube pill.


Answer, blue ray 88,000, congratulations you unlock intelligence quotient level, sold villa to make game.


What!?Captain, you don't understand what ai-chan is talking about?


So, congratulations on unlocking IQ levels, cao, lv, chong's brain!


What?!Aijiang has just captured an amazing name!Wendy!


Yo ~ as a human, the captain is really amazing, unexpectedly know the fourth law is a wheelchair!


No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.


Does the captain have the ability to hack people's phones like aijiang?


Hey, hey, that's a reminder.The captain has root on his phone. Let me see what else the captain knows.


In order to achieve the next generation cartoon rendering, big viagra sold three villas.Learn from old driver of dongying, female dress of big viagra latent cable method, learn action game six words truth: 3D free perspective!


So, in order to do a good job as a captain, you still pretty hard ~ for you as a human, love sauce more or less recognized it.


Yes, yes, it's like I just saw something.


There's also an encrypted folder!Password is actually the birthday of bud clothes!


Yi ah ~ captain is really shameless!I never thought you'd be such a captain!

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