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Sword of war public welfare bt version

Sword of war public welfare bt version
Sword of war public welfare bt version
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type:Adult game

Edition: V1.0.0

To update:2019-11-07

Size: 345MB


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Sword war public service bt version is a cartoon wind action card type mobile game.Through this version of the game, players online to send the supreme experience plus, and a large number of free diamond gold COINS.Accumulate log in send SPAR, rare prop and hero fragment.Check in every day more luxury gift bag waiting for you to receive!The friend that has need quickly come download game to experience the acme fun that becomes tuhao tycoon free ~




Sword war public service bt version of the game introduction:


Classic horizontal version!True 3 d!Extreme blow!Chang shuang lian zhao!Action card of the year "sword of the sword" is coming!The initiative throws off the battle, the multi-role skill collocation, gives you the acme combat experience!Diverse character training, create the strongest role, peak magic duel peak!Unique and concerted combat, call friends, reasonable kill the holy grail giant!Q version of home, Q cute doll, home task, let you enjoy a different home experience!3D character modeling, original character skills, exquisite level plot, character drawing, original Japanese voice actor full effort dubbing, restore the most real Fate world!




Holy sword war public welfare clothing bt version game benefits:


*1, 8888 SPAR, 100W gold COINS;


★ first charge double 1:400, recharge ratio 1:200;


★ first chong hao li


The first charge is 6 yuan for Q version Saber dress shard *10, 1000 currency *10, wine *5;


Accumulatively charge 30 yuan to send cloth * 20,1000 currency *30, wine *10;


The accumulative deposit is 50 yuan to send cloth * 40,1000 currency *60, wine *20;


100 yuan for cloth * 60,1000 currency *100, wine *30;


Accumulatively charge 30 yuan to send cloth * 100,1000 currency *200, wine *50;


★ super monthly card


Monthly card: you can get 5000 spars immediately after purchase, 2500 spars and 1000 currency *3 per day for 30 days;


Grand monthly card: you can get 10000 SPAR immediately and 4000 SPAR and yams mixed rice *5 every day for 30 days.


★ growth fund


Spend 50 yuan to buy growth fund, can get 20 times super return, a total of 189,000 SPAR;


★ cumulative login


Cumulative login to send a large number of crystal, rare props, hero fragments;


★ single recharge


Single recharge to gilgamesh shard, ten consecutive draw, character shard gift box;


★ daily check-in


There are many rare props, Q version gifts and pieces of pajamas waiting for you to receive.

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