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Pokemon pervert version (free on line VIP5)

Pokemon pervert version (free on line VIP5)
Pokemon pervert version (free on line VIP5)
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type:Adult game

Edition: V1.7.3

To update:2019-11-07

Size: 60MB


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Pokemon pervert version is a new pet collection and cultivation class mobile game.Players in the game on the VIP, as well as a massive amount of diamond gold physical free gift.Free pet props every day!Recharge proportion increased 200 times, double experience copy reward!Pokemon version of the metamorphosis of various modifications to allow players to enjoy the most enjoyable game pleasure.




Introduction to pokemon pervert version of the game:


Pokemon is a new collection of pet cultivation game, flying general combat mode with unique skills to operate, let you easily defeat the opponent!Highly reductive growth experience, take you to review The Times classic!Bug catching conference, versus the park, the road of champions, the classic play countless!More relaxed and rich new equipment play to support the growth, lead you to easily catch elves, challenge the museum, beat the king of four days...Come on, elf king, I'm done!




Pokemon version of the game features:


A high degree of restoration of the original book of all kinds of pet elves, can let you instantly back to that familiar memory, at the same time the game has added a variety of new gameplay, such as alien star system, let you in reliving childhood in give you a new feeling.


The game takes place in the world of pokemon, a group of teenagers who dream of becoming pet trainers set out from a small town to travel to different cities to collect pets, grow up with each other, and finally get recognized in the world series.


Installation tips for pokemon pervert version (send VIP5 online) :


1: click the download button on this page directly in the cool game, click the prompt and double-click the installation package of pokemon abnormal version (free on line VIP5), and you can install it.


2: remember to connect WiFi to download the pokemon version (VIP5) before downloading the game.(tuhao please ignore this section)


3: if your pokemon version (VIP5) is slow or slow, please try to switch to performance-first Settings or turn off other software in the background.


4: the game installation or running flash back, please clear the background to close the game process and re-enter the game.


Make sure your phone is running on Android3.0, ios7 or later.Pokemon pervert version (sent to VIP5)


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