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Xiake fengyun abnormal version (online delivery VIP3)

Xiake fengyun abnormal version (online delivery VIP3)
Xiake fengyun abnormal version (online delivery VIP3)
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type:Adult game

Edition: V1.0.0

To update:2019-11-07

Size: 191.13MB


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Chivalrous situation abnormal version is a martial arts theme action RPG mobile game.Through this version to log in the game, players online on the VIP3, and 8888 ingot, 88W gold free gift!First rush send haoli, continuous landing send 4 star card, more physical strength, gem, advanced equipment send!< / p > < p > there are more than a number of welfare content waiting for your experience, come to download try ~




Introduction to the abnormal version of the game:


In "knight of chivalry" the player plays the role of the supreme swordsman, recruit swordsman to enter the river's lake together, remold flourishing world!Game into the most popular card elements, explosive combat scenes with cool PK cool stunts, ignite your fingertips passion.Group copy, gang war, gang more secret territory, go abroad dart, treasure hunt, martial arts style, 100 people with screen competition, the real national war game.


The first ARPG martial arts mobile game makes you unable to distinguish between fantasy and reality.Perfect reproduction of classical enmity, enmity is empty, sword also like a dream.There is no virtual joysticker on the fingers of the bondage, but can give you a stronger sense of real substitute, let you like the real chivalrous interpretation to come and go in a hurry.Many hero wheel type to go out, bid farewell to the brainless battle, also your real happy experience!




Introduction to the abnormal version of the game:


ARPG wuxia mobile game "knight-errant" horizontal version of the immediate battle is realized by using new technology engine sense of shock, has joined the hard realism picture style of Chinese style element, to incorporate the game with the time background of incisively and vividly, the high quality images combined with extreme realistic, aka realistic scenarios, and reproduce the world classic martial arts novels of honour.You can be a solo swordsman or you can travel with your brothers.Gang fighting, through five passes to kill six, the hero wheel type to fight, PK arena, wild BOSS fighting, jianghu country war......There are many copies, play a variety of exciting.Hero mo ask the source, to the sword out of the sheath, a long cry who master ups and downs.




Xiake fengyun abnormal version optimization content:


Enter the game and send vip3, recharge ratio 1:500


Login to the game immediately get 8888 ingot, 888888 gold COINS.


First chong haoli, three consecutive days sent 4 star hero lame refers to god beggar, more physical strength, gem, advanced equipment sent.


The bonus of super monthly card has been greatly improved. A monthly card can accumulate 28W ingot.


The e growth fund can also get 10 times the huge amount of ingot return.


Recharge reward promotion, excellent quality and reasonable price.


Copy clearance reward increased substantially.

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