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Dahua xianxia abnormal version (online delivery VIP3)

Dahua xianxia abnormal version (online delivery VIP3)
Dahua xianxia abnormal version (online delivery VIP3)
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type:Adult game

Edition: V1.0.0

To update:2019-11-14

Size: 31.8MB


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Chinese fairy tale version is a fairy theme of action RPG mobile game.Through this version to log in the game, players online on the VIP3, there are 6,000 yuan, 500W copper COINS free gift!Experience props double reward, daily check-in is rich gold ingot reward!There are more benefits and other experience, interested players to download to try it ~




Dahua xianxia abnormal version of the game:


Dahua xianxia, why to fight, that is the general, the general, god will be with the development of the story true fairy came down, god will come again.Do you still envy players with aloes in front of your eyes?Do you want it?Are you the best in the world?Do you want to be a hero?Then come to experience the birth of the general!There will be more surprises in god's world.Look through the autumn, only to get a fierce general, brave chuang fairy tale.God pupil · Yang jian came, as we look forward to the eyes, was moved by everyone's enthusiasm, in order to let more immortal friends experience combat pleasure, he came!The advent of the divine pupil · Yang jian, is bound to set off an unprecedented bloody world xianxia.Want to get the favour of divine pupil · Yang jian, that takes out your strength, conquer him, let him fall under his own banner, add a brilliant stroke for his immortal warrior journey.




Background of the game:


The game painting style is exquisite, delicate, fresh, diverse game scenes, exquisite characters, full screen skills.There are also daoxiang village, shu mountain school, shuihang cave, penglai island, huashan mountain, fengfu, huangcheng, beihai, bottomless cave, heaven and so on.Game screen fine, Q version of the character image, melodious music, a copy of the coherent structure design, the touch control panel is convenient, suitable for all kinds of demand, but also loved by many MM, with a powerful chat system, otaku who maybe able to find in the heart of the "goddess" in virtual and reality compose a Duan Xian shoe colors!




Dahua xianxia abnormal version of the game features:


1. Online benefits: vip3 for the first time, silver ingot 6000, copper COINS 5 million


2. Top-up benefits: the top-up ratio is 1:100 ingot. If the player's daily accumulative top-up reaches certain requirements, he/she can get rich top-up rewards


3. Activity benefits: if you sign in every day, you can get all kinds of gifts and silver ingot tailored for you!Accumulate online every day, you can get a reward

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