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Battle emperor qiankun BT version

Battle emperor qiankun BT version
Battle emperor qiankun BT version
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type:Adult game

Edition: V1.0.8

To update:2019-11-07

Size: 59.93MB


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"Battle emperor qiankun BT version" is a classic battle novel as the background theme of xianxia xiuzhen class MMORPG mobile game, the game has a beautiful exquisite screen, exciting plot, extremely challenging copy and rich activities, let you experience growth, choice, change the dynasty and even the whole world!Let's have a try!


The game introduction

"Fight the emperor qiankun BT edition, XianXia with new welfare version has a variety of welfare activities, to win more lucrative hao li, at the same time also have a wing, gold, VIP, and favorable to many players such as prepaid phone rebate, here you can make more friends, also can receive all kinds of fairy law resources, help you easily uniting the immortal.


The game features

1, rich play, free choice;


2, taigu demon robbery, dou di reappearance;


3, gorgeous fashion, rare pets;


4, cool technology, a key to kill;


5, cross service competition, who and contending for the front!


New strategy

1. About upgrading


Upgrade first, follow the main task, be sure to complete more secondary task, secondary task reward is very rich.In addition, the copy of experience and the king's lake clearance reward is very good, after clearance can enhance the fighting capacity to further promote clearance, forming a virtuous circle.Remember, rank leading means equipment leading, because we can play more bosses.


2. About combat


Here, we must introduce a characteristic system of emperor qiankun, easy to accommodate.In addition to the difference in attributes, the victory and defeat also value the play of special skills, easy to provide special skills, of course, some easy won't be so easy to get.


3. About daily activities


All the daily activities can be viewed in taichun array, complete the task to upgrade taichun array can also greatly improve the system attributes, in addition to challenging the leader is also very important, after all, the leader output ingot and red equipment!Actively participate in the challenge leader can be equipped faster than one step.


Equipment casting strategy

Equipment to strengthen


Players can use basalt to consume a certain amount of silver COINS to enhance the basic attributes of equipment. As the level increases, the level of equipment that can be strengthened will also increase, up to no more than the player level.Xuanshi can be obtained from the activity - the secret of shushan mountain, the secret of shushan mountain is a single copy, level 30 can be entered, the faster through the copy the more rewards, there are two challenges every day.


Equipment washs practice


The washing and training system can bring additional attributes to the equipment. We can wash and train the replaced equipment.Washing and training attributes are random, according to the level of washing and training equipment quality, washing and training out of the attributes are also different, players need to according to the needs of their own occupation to choose their own attributes.However, it is important to note that regardless of whether you are satisfied with the stats after the purge, once you have ordered the purge, the device is already consumed.


Equipped with Mosaic


Gems can add additional stats to a character, and gems of different colors can have different stats.Two low gems can be combined into one high gem. When the combined gem is level 4 or above, the gem will also become a double gem.More gem slots can only be unlocked by improving their level, and each part can be equipped with up to 4 gems.


Equipped with god cast


God casting system can greatly improve the basic properties of equipment.Every time you equip god casting, there is a certain chance of failure, but if god casting succeeds, the benefits are huge.Every time all equipment reaches the same god cast star, it gains an additional passive skill.Therefore, remember to allocate resources evenly to each part of the god casting, do not only god casting a part of the equipment oh.The additional properties of casting will be added to the new equipment after replacement, so don't worry. After replacement, the additional properties will disappear.


Into the clothing benefits

1. VIP6, 12888 yuan, x5 offline card.


2, online daily active non-stop, online can receive massive benefits!


3, recharge ratio 1:500, ingot completely spent!


4, upgrade is not waiting, upgrade speed increased by 80%!


5, growth fund reward substantially increased, investment small money high return!


6, offline recharge rebate, gold ingot cramps in hand.


7, offline activities gift package, let you step up fairy!


8, the daily holiday, all kinds of welfare get soft!

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