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Real jianghu city version

Real jianghu city version
Real jianghu city version
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type:Adult game

Edition: V1.0.0

To update:2019-11-14

Size: 390.18MB


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"Real jianghu city version" is a martial arts theme of the turn-based RPG mobile game.The game screen is exquisite, skill special effect is cool dazzle, the plot is wonderful and outstanding, bring different jianghu world.Four main characters, happy enmity.A hundred swordsman, wanton rivers and lakes.Platoon, group fight.Shen bing weapon unique martial arts."True all corners of the country" various play reproduction hot blood new all corners of the country.


The game introduction

In the "real jianghu mall version" game players will continue to enter the mission, in the exquisite scene players will upgrade their own attributes, constantly forward, elegant gameplay you let play fun!Interested in the boy to play quick download try it!


The game features

1, [conscience welfare] login to send, mass privilege;


2, [celebrity gathering] the strongest lineup, peak duel;


3, [reversal of war] skill release, control by you;


4, [original dialogue] the game can be so easy!


Professional introduction



The large sword of the attacking class is very conspicuous.The skills of each class will be developed according to the level of improvement and the level of enhancement.


The initial active skill of the attack class can only deal fixed damage to a single unit and additional force and percentage of internal force damage. After upgrading, the second active skill and the third active skill will deal damage to both the ranks and the whole class.


The first two passive skills on passive skills are just additional attributes.Passive skills can be upgraded with special effects.Whether the damage of active skills is increased through additional attributes, or all three skills are selected with attack effect to increase the output ability, the explosive power of attack class can be said to be the strongest.


【 the 】


The image of the defense class is a girl in green dress. In its skill setting, it is mainly the stick method of attack and defense, and the active skill has the damage effect and the anti-damage effect triggered after releasing, as well as the effect of sucking blood and adding defense.The passive skill, on the other hand, conforms to the meat shield setting, which can not only increase the health, but also increase the probability of defense, avoidance and so on.


Because meat shield, of course, the resistance to damage in the front row, so whether it's triggered by active skills against injury and avoid, tie-in and passive skill, defense, health to reduce injury, or through active skill increases dodge, by passive skill triggered evasion effect stacked high probability, finally the result of the need to almost all are to resist the enemy attack, and at the same time also is able to sanctions in attack.




The control class emphasizes the ability to limit the opponent's output and reduce your own damage through various stun and hole closures.However, the fighting capacity of a team is very much related to the ability to control.


Depending solely on high damage to blow, unless you can hit a second to kill the opponent, if the opponent's first hand control to limit the movement, or put the confusion effect, the stronger their output ability, the greater the damage to their own.


The other reason is that the rage requirement of the high damage skill is still very high, while the rage requirement of the control skill is usually 10 or 10 points lower. As long as the opponent can control the opponent first, he will suffer a lot.


Type and control characters, the player's character control can be said to be the strongest, because players can skills through active and passive skills on collocation to increase the control effect, after all, if you can take different control effect on all three skills, relative to other legend only one or two control skills, on the triggering effect probability and diversity of the advantages are obvious.


【 cure 】


Due to the limitation of the level, the therapeutic effect of the hero is not particularly obvious for the whole team at the beginning, after all, the active skill only causes damage, and the passive 2 of level 1 can only heal itself.But after healing opens all nine skills.Through active skill of all add health, with passive skill of collateral health, as well as their own qi and blood recovery, to achieve the team's ultra high endurance ability.


(the wet nurse and the legendary defense department chongyang real person is the same school, as expected is a team match)


It is even possible to practice poison milk through passive dodging and active skills of collateral damage, and to keep the running of the arena through the formation of a wet nurse's flesh shield team. Therefore, in terms of the play of the role, the author thinks that the tactical collocation of wet nurse is the most among the other several classes. After all, this is a wet nurse who can play, flash and add blood.If we only use his milk, we will waste it!


Into the clothing benefits

VIP(highest VIP), gold ingot *68800, gold coin *500W!


1. The recharge ratio is 1:1000, the first charge is twice as much, and the second charge is 50% more.


2, the first charge legend xiake treasure box, legend equipment box and other super value gift;


3, monthly card welfare adjustment, every day massive ingots get soft, rich is capricious!


4, special GM mall, ingots props directly buy, up to 99 times a day can be exchanged, is so capricious!


5, GM1 can be unlimited purchase: 100,000 yuan, shariko, hero hero soul and other super value items;


6. GM2 can be purchased without limit: grand master swordsman big treasure box, refined stone, breakthrough Dan, etc.;


7, GM3 unlimited purchase: legend breakthrough Dan, senior gas Dan, legend of chivalrous man treasure box, divine equipment;


8, GM4 unlimited purchase: war pet materials, lian body Dan, six grade gem;


9, GM5 unlimited purchase: matrix materials, the myth of chivalrous choice box, orange refined stone, etc.;


10, GM6 unlimited purchase: senior stones, anniversary equipment, glass, etc.

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