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Magic gate - blade of heroes BT version

Magic gate - blade of heroes BT version
Magic gate - blade of heroes BT version
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type:Adult game

Edition: V1.0

To update:2019-11-07

Size: 133.24MB


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"Magic gate - hero blade BT version" is a set of heroism as the background theme of the hanging machine type fantasy RPG mobile game, I classic map reappear, 100 people with the screen competition rob treasure, mysterious businessman you meet!Righteous archangels, evil demons, chaotic hydra, heroic titans and other legendary heroes await your call!


The game introduction

"Magic gate - hero blade BT version" is a dark competitive multiplayer online battle mobile game, the game set strategy, development, role playing, social and other elements into one, make the game more interesting and challenging.Arena, tournament, mariner loot, alliance map, cross - server contest, strategic war, ready to start!




Mechanics characteristic

1, super exciting hero combat, free encounter mysterious achievements, hero attack new story background, free placement;


2, strategy heroes have endless disputes between the fusion of a variety of play.Classic reproduction of the 100 people for hegemony screen, let you seize the treasure alliance;


3. Put the racial hegemony in the life, the battlefield of classic legend, and integrate various playing methods to form the strategy of hero attack.




Gameplay is introduced

Top left: the player's name and the level of the hero used


Upper right corner: enemy name and level


Top left: player health


Top right: enemy health


Lower left corner: automatic combat all units action sequence queue


The process of the battle is fully automatic, the soldier attacks automatically, the hero releases the magic automatically, does not need the player to control manually, achieves the goal of liberating both hands.




The game is the welfare

- complimentary VIP6, diamond *12800, gold COINS *188W;


- the top-up ratio is 1:500, and the first charge enjoys double diamond rebate;


- first charge is sent to the best red hero, open a lot of activities to relax a bit more brick and stone sent non-stop;


- a large amount of bricks, stones, gold COINS and materials will be presented for daily check-in, and gifts will be sent continuously for seven days;


- perfect restore hero invincible 4 RACES, let you experience the new hero invincible;


- kaifu carnival gifts sent non-stop, 4 activities let you hi turn extreme;


- seven copies of the game to make your game more happy, play no longer single;


- monthly card, monthly card and annual card can be used on top of each other, and VIP members can enjoy experience bonus.

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