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Best girl BT version

Best girl BT version
Best girl BT version
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type:Adult game

Edition: V1.1.43

To update:2019-11-07

Size: 113.69MB


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  • Introduction to the game
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  • Game strategy

As a SLG game, BT version of girl in the garden is reserved for basic playing methods such as city construction, soldier training and alliance interaction, through which users can quickly get used to the game, establish goals and improve their strength.


The game introduction

"The girl BT version" especially pay attention to novice guidance, tutorial, using a large number of plot, animation, the opening to the user about the game's world view, step by step lead out character relations.And in the subsequent trigger guidance, detailed introduction of the gameplay of each system, so that users can go further into the game and get to know other long-term game systems.


The game features

1, ups and downs, unable to stop;


2, 100 adorable sister, strong palace group;


3. Ultimate weapon and combat support;


4. Task system, fast growth;


Friend or foe, wait for you to distinguish!


Fire unit strategy

Rapid-fire weapon


Before the introduction, let's make a quip about insisting not to shoot.


What do you mean insist not to shoot?Fire troopers are really useless in the game.


First look at the rapid-fire soldier below:


Pay attention to piercing slug. It deals more damage to enemies and deals more damage to rovers.However, there is an exception in parentheses for a striker, which means that a firefighter who strikes a striker does no damage bonus and is also penalized by the shield's ability to reduce damage.


The other three abilities are nothing more than damage and critical strike, but a shield can take all the firepower out of a shield.Rapid-fire firepower is 1, 2, 5, 6, 8, 10 in the long range strike division.


50 soldiers


Slow shooters are also called long range fire fighters. Long range fire fighters are relative to rapid-fire fire fighters.


The slow fire unit ranks 3, 4, 7, and 9.Long range, high damage, but not as fast as rapids, only increasing damage to rovers.


However, in both rapid-fire and long-shot (slow fire), a firefighter cannot reach the rear and can only shoot at the shield and then be wounded by the shield and hacked by the rook (more on rook later).So fire soldier is the game's most chicken arms, can only see the late official will change her.Unfortunately the firepower of the sister is the four arms of the appearance level of the highest ha ha.


Into the clothing benefits

1, 1:300, double first charge.


2. VIP5, 10888 diamonds, food *18888, fuel *18888(novice task collection)


3, sign in reward, a large number of batteries, resource box free delivery.


4, the first recharge, gifting ji yu spring, a large number of diamonds, food, fuel send


5, the value of daily purchase, continuous purchase to get never again some value of welfare


Daily rebate

■ exclusive rebate activity ■ please submit the rebate application as soon as possible within 48 hours after recharge oh!


The daily accumulative deposit is 100-499 yuan, and 30% will be returned


The daily accumulative deposit is 500-999 yuan and 50% is returned


The daily accumulative amount is 1000-2999 yuan and 100% is returned


The daily accumulative amount of RMB 3,000-4,999 will be returned 150%


A total of RMB 5,000-9999 is charged on a single day, and 180% is returned


More than 10000 yuan in a single day, 200% will be returned

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