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Qq mailbox format how to write qq mailbox format introduction

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Qq mailbox format how to write?Qq mailbox format description.Qq mailbox is a kind of mailbox that wants to be in utilization rate very high, use very convenient, but the user that a lot of use qq mailbox or the user that did not use qq mailbox does not understand the form of qq mailbox quite, introduce here today.


Qq mailbox format how to write


QQ mailbox can have 4 different mailbox formats at most now, but no matter which account other people send email to you, you can receive mail in the same mailbox.


You can give different email accounts for different occasions.


Open the Settings


Your default account will be displayed at the top of the main interface of QQ mailbox. There is a "Settings" option below. Click the Settings option to enter the Settings.




Four email accounts


In the Settings interface, select the second "account" option, you can see that a total of four different QQ email accounts can be set, but all belong to one mailbox.


QQ account


General default QQ email account is: your QQ number, of course, the default email account can be changed.


The mailbox suffix is


English email account




English email account needs to be set up by yourself, can be pure English, can be English plus Numbers, of course, including special characters can also.


The email suffix is


Foxmail account


The Foxmail account is more formal and can be used in the workplace, but you need to set it up yourself.




The suffix is


Mobile email account


Mobile phone email account is through your mobile phone to register QQ email account, set up is: your mobile phone number receiving the email, your phone will also receive a text message reminder, very convenient.




The mailbox suffix is


Above is how to write qq mailbox format answer, hope to help you.

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