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How does the peace elite spray work?Spraying method

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How does the peace elite spray work?A lot of small partners are still not clear about the use of spray, so today let xiaobian for everyone, peace elite spray use method, hope to help you!


"Peace elite" in the relevant role of spray


Download from the official website, you can get the fully armed spray, and it's still three at a time, now or never.Additionally the means that still can pass lucky draw will get, the probability that gets is quite tall still, want to have lucky draw basically only, can get.


Can be sprayed into the game wall or all can be painted in the place, both can interfere with the opponent's line of sight and can play the role of marking, kill two birds with one stone, players quickly go to the game to try it.


A new "spray" tool has been added to the game, allowing players to spray on team sports and training grounds, provided you have a pattern in your warehouse.Some spray patterns were drawn from the treasure chest of military supplies, so I wanted to show them off in the training ground, spraying and spraying on the ground, spraying and spraying on the weapon rack, attracting many players to watch, and some players still stood on the design.


But when I sprayed six patterns, I regretted that they were not permanent.The bottom right corner of each pattern has a digital logo, usually just out of the treasure box is 3, that is to say, this pattern can only spray three times.


In conclusion, don't show off your sprays on the training ground. Save money.


For more information, you can search baidu [xiong zhang] to learn more!

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