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Dragon fantasy backpack full how to do?Backpack extension method [figure]

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Dragon fantasy backpack full how to do?Backpack is a lattice number of players can store props only 40 columns, must be expanded is the backpack capacity, let small make up for everyone to bring, dragon fantasy backpack expansion method.


Dragon fantasy backpack full how to do?


A backpack full is the most common, it's easy to get full without cleaning up the equipment, and the backpack can't hold much stuff, so the player can only clean the backpack or increase the capacity of the backpack.Players can use several ways to increase the capacity, capacity is to expand the backpack, increase the corresponding number of lattice, so that you can store a large number of props.


The number of squares, players can use diamonds directly open, with diamonds can be opened lattice, 50 diamonds can be opened 10 lattice, this kind of subsequent needs of diamonds will be more and more, so it is recommended to open about 4 times.


The carry-on warehouse is used to store useless props. The carry-on warehouse can also be used to put props. Any unused equipment can be put on it, so the backpack is very empty.


Backpack expansion coupons, the coupons won by this kind of activity can be extended, only a part of the activities have a gift, lottery is also able to win the expansion coupons, so that the backpack can be expanded, to increase the capacity of more.


Recommended players can use these three ways, can improve the backpack capacity, backpack is not enough can set automatic capacity below the purple equipment, you can put the unused potion and materials in the warehouse.


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