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How to unlock the dragon fantasy recipe?Recipe unlocking method [figure]

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How to unlock the dragon fantasy recipe?Food recipes need to unlock, the player unlock a large number of recipes, get a large number of recipes, used to make different ingredients, let small make up for everyone to bring, dragon fantasy recipe unlock method.



How to unlock the dragon fantasy recipe?


Mango and glutinous rice: you can watch the "delicate snacks" TV channel to learn, the recipe activation time is 6300 seconds, and the single learning time is 50s, players can go here to hack the TV to unlock the map.Some dishes do not require a recipe, and some dishes need to be unlocked, and then you can learn the corresponding dishes and get the corresponding recipe.


Watch a food show at a hot spring hotel


Check out the food guide at the cafe


Open the menu interface, there is the corresponding unlocking method, just follow the above way to unlock it.The player can get a lot of rewards for unlocking, and the interface is also key. Different dishes can be made, so that the dishes can be cooked for others to use.


Making the interface requires a certain amount of world, and it takes a certain amount of physical energy every time. It has 500 points of physical energy every day, which can be used for fishing or gathering, so that various dishes can be made.


The food can be sold for money, and the players can also use it by themselves. There are many places for making food, such as kitchen oven making, bar mixing making, barbecue making and so on.


For more information, you can search baidu [xiong zhang] to learn more!

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