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An empty traveler's FAQ [photo]

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Empty traveler heart test FAQ, presumably many players for this test will have a lot of questions!Below let small make up for everyone to bring, the empty traveler frequently asked questions daqo.

空之旅人心声测试FAQ 空之旅人常见问题大全[图]图片1

Empty traveler's mind test FAQ


1. Q: when does the test start and end?


A: the test will start at 10:30 on May 16, 2019 and end at 23:59 on May 23.


2. Q: is this test a file deletion test?Is recharge open?


A: this hearsay test is A file deletion test. After the test, the data will be deleted. At the same time, the recharge function will not be open for the time being.


3. Q: can both android and iOS platforms participate in this test?


A: this test is only open to android platform. For the time being, please use the emulator for the iOS system. It is recommended to use the four android emulators of thunder and lightning, night god (win32), carefree and everyday.


4. Q: how to make an appointment for this test?


A: this test can be reserved from the official website and TapTap.


Official website booking link:


TapTap reservation link:


5. Q: is the code limited in this test?How do I qualify for the test?


A: there is no activation code limit in this test. You can download the client and register to participate in the game.


6. Q: when will the client of this test be available for download and how to download?


A: we will announce the time and way for the client to download in the future. Please pay attention to the official information.


7. Q: how to submit the bugs and feedback Suggestions of this test?


A: the BUG of this time and the way to submit Suggestions are as follows


1) join the official QQ group 734656787 and fill in the feedback questionnaire;


2) bugs and Suggestions will be released in official tieba and TapTap BBS;


3) questionnaire survey will be conducted in the game after the test is started.Please take an active part in it and fill it out carefully.


8. Q: what are the optimizations of this test?


A: in order to better let your brigade heads know the optimized content of this test, we will arrange the current construction status of empty island mainland. Please look forward to our special report


9. Q: what are the benefits of participating in this test?


A: in order to thank our friends for their support for this test, we have prepared A lot of benefits, game props, in-kind rewards and exquisite surroundings inside and outside the game.


For more information, you can search baidu [xiong zhang] to learn more!

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