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Netease blood droplet landing failure how to do?Network connection failure resolution

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Netease blood droplet landing failure how to do?Surely many players have encountered the same situation!So today let xiaobian for everyone to bring, blood drop sub network connection failure solution.


Netease blood droplet landing failure how to do?


1. More than 3G operating memory


Android version 7.0


3, support VulkanSupport software.Vulkan is a graphics driver, and you can download devcheck to see if your phone supports it.




1. Check whether the configuration of your mobile phone meets the requirements.(this is especially important, android 7.0, to., storage more than 3GB) not satisfied, not installed is very normal, such as manufacturer optimization, don't ask why not installed.PS: if the installation process indicates that the CPU is not compatible, it basically means that your mobile phone configuration is not working yet.


2. Whether the storage space is enough.


3, enter the game black screen stuck or flash back players download Google three-piece try


4. In this case, the data package storage failed. Please confirm that the phone has opened the storage permission and try to download and install the package again


5. There will be initialization loading when you first log in the game. The loading time varies according to the phone configuration, and it may take a long time.


6. If the picture is stuck, you can try to adjust the picture effect to LOW and reduce the resolution


7. For the player with wrong package analysis, please first check whether the storage space of the phone is enough and ensure that the remaining storage space of the phone is larger than 2.5g


8. This is the Vulkan software mentioned above. Without Vulkan, the picture will be lost on the mobile phone.


9. Solution to suddenly lock the screen while playing the game. Currently, it is known that there have been successful solutions: open the mobile phone to set >

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