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What if the peace elite is mistakenly banned?Mistakenly seal the appeal method

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What if the peace elite is mistakenly banned?Players will be closed off account, some is killing too much will be blocked, some is mistakenly closed account, let small make up for everyone, peace elite mistakenly closed appeal method.


What if the peace elite is mistakenly banned?


The operation that is sealed by mistake is some, one part is detection problem, still have one part is the player kills enemy too much, these two will be sealed by mistake, normal operation basically won't be sealed by mistake, the player plays too dish to have no chance to seal at all.False closure is abnormal network, account is frozen, a part of the player accounts were directly closed for 10 years, this is the closure.


How to appeal the false seal?


Can appeal to solve, the player can go to the peace elite customer service, here is a two-dimensional code in the official website, this is the peace elite WeChat customer service, namely the two-dimensional code below, the player can directly scan a good appeal.


Players can also go to download QQ security center, this software is tencent's security APP, can be used to change the password, can be used to appeal and commutation of punishment, players can see the closure of all games here, and then choose the peace elite to appeal.


The player appealed to wait for the result, will help you check again, if it is really open to hang can't unseal, did not open to hang or can unseal successfully.If is by mistake the seal has not been able to unseal, this will only help you check once, the player can only go to register a new account to play again.

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