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Tencent happy fishing war catch fish skills

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What skill does tecent joy fish fight catch fish skill have?Fishing game is very simple, to catch fish is not a simple thing, fishing is also a skill, cool game small make up for you collated tencent happy fishing war skills, then with small make up to see what fishing skills,






Tencent happy fishing war catch fish skills


Basic operation:


First, look at the map of the extension column on the right. You know that there are many kinds of fish in coral shoals, and the higher the multiple, the more difficult it is to catch.The goddess of wealth, the round lightning puffer, the cute roulette bull, and DJ octopus will bring rich rewards, see them, can not easily let it escape yo!


When the fish on the screen is hit with a burst of gold effect and put into your position, the player has successfully captured the fish


If other players in the room successfully catch a fish, there will also be a corresponding burst of gold effect, and the gold will appear in front of the corresponding seat




Advanced operation:


For high multiple BOSS fish, the player is naturally to focus on the attack, its challenge difficulty is not low oh.Happy fishing wars has some props to make it easier to harvest them.


· lock: lock can be obtained through lucky draw, completion of tasks, participation in activities, store purchase, etc.After clicking use, a green arrow will appear to lock the fish. Players can change the target to lock other objects.At this point, no matter how far away the fish is, it can be fired without releasing its hands.On the one hand, when a fish is caught before the lock time ends, the lock automatically switches to another target.On the other hand, the locked CD and its effect exist in time synchronization, if the corresponding fish capture has not been completed, you can continue to click the lock attack.




· freezing: after freezing, the fish swarm on the screen will be frozen randomly, and the difficulty of capturing will be greatly reduced. We must make good use of it and try to use freezing props in the presence of the BOSS or when the fish tide comes.


Prop · summoning: after summoning, a BOSS fish will appear randomly on the screen.It's important to note that this fish isn't just for the player.Therefore, we must pay attention to the laser cannons and props of the CD, to avoid the benefits of others.


Item · laser cannon: on the right side of the interface, there is also a powerful item of laser cannon, which is also the most powerful item in the happy fishing war.The cooldown CD of the laser cannon is also longer than the other items, and can only be fired if the item UI appears as shown below.Players should find the best fish in advance, multiple and cost-effective Angle, and then launch.


Above is the cool game small make up for you to sort out the tencent happy fishing war fishing skills related content, follow-up more exciting game content on the phone please pay attention to the cool game, to learn more information.

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