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The method to acquire the method

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Legalware is a treasure that can improve the combat effectiveness of heroes, so how to get it?Believe a lot of players also want to know, after all, can make combat capacity to a higher level, cool games small make up for you to sort out the method to get the relevant content, then with small make up to see how to get a magic weapon.




The method to acquire the method


1. It can be obtained by unlocking the intimacy


2. There are more mana than heroes, and a batch of mana will be acquired through activities, missions, etc.Generally speaking, beginners can get a set of 4 tools in 1-2 days.After obtaining the method, there is no need to upgrade, strengthen and other operations, can be used directly.


3. Store purchase.For example, the emperor's wish will be bought in the store of secret rolls.


Method of use:


Legalware is a new method that can be carried in combat and bring different combat effects.


Carry up to 4 items at a time and assemble them outside of combat.Similar to talent, toolkits can be programmed in a variety of ways.


You cannot change the mana you carry when you enter battle. The mana effect will automatically trigger during battle.


Above is the cool game small make up for you to sort out the method to get the relevant content, the follow-up more exciting game content on the phone please pay attention to the cool game, to learn more information.

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