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Evaluation of the snake slaughterbox by the fang zhougan tomorrow

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The commander of the ark tomorrow is four stars.One of the African gods of war.Skills and talents are all about defense.Does it have any special skills?Cool game small make up for you to organize the next fangzhougan snake slaughterbox evaluation related content introduction, next with small make up to see the evaluation of the snake slaughterbox.






Initial talent: no talent


Elitist 1: defense increased · small, defense increased by 6%


Elitist 2: defense specialization, defense increased by 12%




Enhanced defense · beta


Manual trigger


Skill cost: 45


Duration: 35s


Increased defense by 40% (level 3)


Shell defense


Manual trigger


Tech cost: 40


Duration: 35s


Stop attacking enemies, block +1, increase defense by 70%, restore 1% Max health per second (level 3)


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The above is cool game small make up for you to collate the content of tomorrow's fangzhougan snake tu box evaluation related content, follow-up more exciting game content on the mobile phone, please pay attention to cool games, learn more information.

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