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Tomorrow's fang zhougan yuan mountain evaluation

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Four stars from distant mountains.African god of war.What about its other skills?Cool game small series for you to sort out the next fang zhougan yuanshan assessment related content introduction, the next small series with the assessment of yuanshan it.






Initial talent: no talent


Elitist 1: horoscope, permanently gains one of the following random gains after deployment: 7% bonus to damage, 7% bonus to attack speed, 12% bonus to health


Elitist 2: divination, after deployment random permanent gain one of the following: attack increased by 13%;Attack speed increased by 13%;Health cap increased by 20%




Tactical chant · beta


Manual trigger


Skill cost: 45


Duration: 25s


Attack speed increased by 36 (level 3)




Manual trigger


Initial skill: 50


Skill cost: 80


Duration: 30s


Attack power increased by 40%. Attack area increased. Deals damage to all enemies in range.At the end of skill time, far mountain stops attacking for 15s (level 3).


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The above is small make up for you to collate the content of tomorrow's fangzhougan yuanshan evaluation related content, follow-up more exciting game content on the mobile phone, please pay attention to cool games, learn more information.

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