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Let's test the files of monster hunt. When will they be online

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After the end of the final test of monster hunt together, as time goes by, many players want to know to hunt the file test when online, cool games for you collate the file test related content, then with small make up to see it.




When will the undeleted file test come online?


Official: the test will open on April 11, and the weird world will be open to you.


I believe many players have seen the promotional video, would you like to embark on a fantasy journey?The new upgrade of the demon spirit world to see a lot of points, seven highlights oh.The new version will certainly bring you a different monster hunt fun!


Above is the cool game xiaobian for you to sort out together to hunt the monster not to delete the test on-line time related content, follow-up more exciting game content on the phone please pay attention to the cool game, to learn more information.

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